Mac Daddy

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Follow These Instructions:

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Please Be Aware…. This is a CASH ONLY DROP.  This means CASH, Not Money Order, Not Paypal, Not Venmo, Not CASH APP, Not Crypto, Not Credit Card but CASH.  If this is a issue please do not order.  If you order and request a different payment option your order will be Cancelled Immediately.

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Step 1

Drop is at Midnight EST.  Any emails / orders prior will be deleted!

Please Copy the Form Below, Go To MacDaddySeeds@Gmail.com

Paste it and fill it out. Send it!

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Step 2

You will get a response with your order number. Orders will be from 1- UNTIL SOLD OUT.  We will be doing a back order list for people who do not pay they will be labeled in numbers from 1,2,3… and so on.

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Step 3

Email us tracking.  Payments must be arranged by Saturday MIDNIGHT.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any orders that do not have the tracking sent by Saturday midnight will be cancelled.  Please do not try to send money after that and say your forgot as time stamps can be checked through the Mail carriers.

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Please Note The Following

  • Sale Starts at Midnight East Coast Time This Evening (05/22/2020)
  • After the packs are spoken for we will put up a post saying the ordering window is closed.
  • Only 150 packs will be available 
  • There is a 2 pack maximum per order
  • We are not cherry picking orders.  It is purely first come first serve.
  • Please understand that time stamps will be made off of OUR Clock NOT Yours, we expect this to sell out within minutes. If you do not get in please do not send hate mail saying that your clocks said 12:01 ETC.. We are going in the order they come in to us.
  • Payments need to be arranged by no later than Midnight Saturday or The Order will be cancelled.  There will be a huge wait list so please only order if you can follow through.
  • If you send money after that it will be returned to you.  We will be checking the time stamps placed on the tracking number. (If its after Saturday Midnight we will let you know we are sending the money back So PLEASE DO NOT TRY) Only order if you can follow through with sending payment by Saturday
  • Anyone trying to reach out and order prior to Midnight tonight will have their order cancelled immediately and blocked from being able to order after midnight.
  • Cash is the only payment method accepted. NO CASH APP, NO CRYPTO, NO CREDIT CARD, NO MONEY ORDER…. Cash, If this is a issue DO NOT ORDER.
  • Any customer emailing after asking for any other payment will just get a response that there order is cancelled so please do not order if you can not or do not want to send cash.
  • Seeds are with us now but the shirts are not. The shirts are still being made, this may take up to 2 weeks.  If you want the seeds immediately let us know and we will ship them immediately, however you will forgo the shirt, we will not ship later when they arrive.
  • If you want the shirt you will have to wait until they are created, this will take up to 2 weeks… Please be patient.
  • You will be emailed a tracking number once they are sent.


Order Form:




Email Address:


Order Number:








Zip Code:


Phone Number:


Number Of Packs (2 Max) Each Pack is $300


Tee Shirt / Send Immediately. If you want a Shirt put your size below, if you want the seeds right away please say so below:



Shipping Options (Choose 1)


Priority ($12)


Guaranteed / International ($25)



Please Ship Payment To:


Neptunes Novelties Inc.

12534 Valley View St. #328

Garden Grove, CA 92845 


By placing this order you are guaranteeing that payment is to be sent no later than Saturday (5/23/20) and that a tracking number must be emailed to Info@NeptuneSeedBank.com….. No tracking number = No Order


We will be going through the wait list chronologically and contacting buyers as  orders get cancelled.  We will contact you, please do not contact us.